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With all the recent toy recalls we have been getting a lot of questions regarding the safety of the toys and furniture that we sell.
Here are letters from the manufacturers regarding the safety of their products.

Thank you for your interest in ALEX toys. We appreciate your concern, especially considering the recent recalls for lead and magnets in children's products, and products in general that come from China.

Please be reassured that we take safety very seriously. We test each of our products thoroughly to make sure that they are safe for children, both in the design of the product and the materials that are used to make them. We test to make sure that there is no lead in the products.

Most of our toys come from factories that we have been doing business with for many years, and they are partners with us in ensuring the high quality of our products.

The toy industry works continuously to strengthen our rigorous testing and inspection procedures and ensure safe toys. While no one likes to see recalls, the industry’s ability to identify problems and recall products is one of the safety valves of the process. The recent recalls are product- and company-specific and do not reflect the fundamental safety of the toys on the shelves. All questions specifically related to those recalls should be directed to the companies involved. For more information about general toy safety, please see the Toy Industry Association web site at http://www.toy-tia.org

I hope this helps reassure you and we look forward to your continued patronage.

Drew Metz
Director of Product Quality and Engineering
In recent months there have been many warnings issued regarding the potential dangers of unsafe product, especially that which is produced in China. At Levels of Discovery we take these matters very seriously and want to share with you our safety standards and procedures:

1. We produce our product in a single factory in China where we are virtually the only customer. Therefore, the standards are our standards and are rigorously upheld and followed by the factory's management and staff. Prior to founding Levels of Discovery, I had been doing business with this factory for fifteen years and it continues to have an excellent and unblemished quality and safety record.
2. All of our products are tested by an independent, 3rd party, internationally recognized testing laboratory. They conduct all required and recommended testing as developed by the CPSC (US agency) and other regulatory agencies. No product is allowed into production until all tests have been passed and I have received the full, detailed report.
3. Our paint is continuously re-certified to ensure compliance with all standards for lead or heavy metal content.

As we have said before, "We treat our products like they are being made for our own children!" In fact, the entire Levels of Discovery team owns and regularly gives our products to family and friends. I promise you, as the owner and CEO, that we always have and will continue to take the design, quality and safety of our products very seriously. We want you to be satisfied and comfortable with your Levels of Discovery purchases, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Jeff Hutsell
Owner/Founder and CEO
Levels of Discovery


Dear Parent:

I would like to assure you that KidKraft’s products are not affected by the recent safety recalls involving lead in paint and magnets. KidKraft does not use the factories involved in these incidents. Our products are designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements for children’s products.

We regularly test our products to ensure they meet applicable US regulatory safety standards which include 16 CFR 1500 Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) for mechanical hazards and flammability and 16 CFR 1303 ban of lead-containing paint (CPSC and CPSA). In addition, we test to the soluble heavy metals content requirements and mechanical hazards of ASTM F-963, which is the standard consumer safety specification on toy safety.

CFR = Code of Federal Regulations
CPSC = Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSA = Consumer Product Safety Act
ASTM = American Society for Testing and Materials

KidKraft is committed to safety and quality of our children’s wooden furniture and toys. You have my commitment that KidKraft remains vigilant in ongoing testing and auditing to deliver products you have come to trust.

Thank you for your continued support.

Steven Z. Lampert

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